As a leading construction contractor in Maryland and DC Metro area, Greenbridge Construction areas of services provide our customers with a comprehensive range of construction services. Where you are in the need of a standalone service of a complete turn-key package, Greenbridge Construction delivers value for money, high-quality service.

Standalone Services – Turn-Key Solutions

Greenbridge’s Construction provides the best value, turn-key solutions, renovations, repairs, modifications, and alterations. Our experience ranges in scale from tenant build-outs to site improvements, and from historic buildings to bridges.

Our design-build management team integrates design with project delivery in a seamless process between the Owner, the Architectural / Engineering teams, and the Builders. The desired outcome is a fully functional cost-effective and efficient solution from conceptual design to project close-out. Greenbridge provides high-quality deliverables to fast-tracked projects.

Greenbridge provides structural concrete and masonry repairs, primarily for structured parking facilities and historic buildings. Our services include; a complete assessment of damage or deterioration, detailed design plans, and recommendations for remediation and repairs.

Our Key Services

We offer a comprehensive package of services, below are details of our key offerings.

  • Civil Site Work
  • Drilled Piers
  • Concrete & Structural Contractor
  • Site Work
  • Roads, Bridges & Highways
  • Misc.Specialty Trades
  • Civil Heavy Construction

List of other services provided, but not limited to:

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  • Structural concrete
    – Full & partial depth floor repairs
    – Deck replacement
    – Vertical repairs
    – Structural beam repairs
    – Overhead repairs
    – Structural foundation repairs
  • Expansion joints
    – Repairs
    – New installations concrete overlays
    – Mircorsilca
    – Latex Modified
    – Low Slump
  • Deck replacement & protection
    – Traffic deck coatings
    – Concrete sealers
    – Waterproof membrane
  • Structural Repairs
    – Ceiling repairs
    – Beam repairs
    – Column repairs
  • Surface Preparation
    – Shotblasting-roto milling
    – Sandblasting
    – Scarification
    – Wall repairs
  • Post-Tensioning Repair
    – Repair of broken tendons
    – Repair of deteriorated anchorages
    – Repair of PT guard rail systems
  • Electrical
    – Repairs
    – New lighting
  • Structural Steel
    – Fabrication
    – Installation
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Carbon Fiber Strengthening
  • Painting
  • Traffic Markings
  • Sealant Joints
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Mechanical Repairs