Greenbridge Construction specializes in Waterproofing and has developed an enormous amount of experience in this application, from office spaces leaking during weather precipitations, concrete repairs, skylights, rubber traffic membranes to base and floor systems, prep and cleaning, seals, drain locations, injection repairs and more. We know waterproofing and are your go to source in the Maryland, DC Metro, Virginia and Pennsylvania

WRAIR Campus Boiler – Washington DC

Modify and upgrade Central Steam Plant (CSP) and heating Distribution System for Walter Reed Institute Of Research (WRAIR)
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Waterproofing Projects

  • GSA NPR 7PM0517R0028; FDA Various Water Leaks
  • GSA NPR 7PM0517R0028; GSA Department of Vet 810 Planter Box Waterproofing
  • GSA NPR 47PM0517R0028; St Elizabeth’s DHS USCG Monroe Building Roof Water Leak & Paver Repair

GSA NCR GS11P14YEC0129; DOL Garage Repairs – Water Leaks and Associated Damage
Francis Perkins Building, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20210

Garage Repair at Francis Perkins Building South, North, and East garages to address Water Leaks and Associated Damage. The work consisted of installing shoring and protections, Remove and replace existing area drains and pipes, concrete repair work associated with drain locations.

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Concrete repairs and crack injection at leaking foundation walls. Concrete repairs and expansion joint replacement at foundation walls and slabs. Exhaust air shaft, perform concrete repairs, expansion joint repairs, crack injection, masonry wall replacement, install sump pump, and other work shown. Repair leaking fountain drain pipe penetration in east garage. Crack injection repairs in garage concrete slab ceiling and walls. Protect in place or remove and reinstall existing utilities and hangers, including but not limited to: existing lighting, power conduits and boxes, sprinklers, fire alarm system, water lines, storm drainage lines, HVAC ductwork, and communications. The concrete repairs to Garage consists of typical Topside Slab repair, Full depth repair 10″, Slab soffit, OVERHEAD SLAB REPAIR, Wall patch – vertical partial depth repair, and Rebar replacement and repairs.

FDA – Building A Façade repairs/replacements 8401 Muirkirk Road, Laurel MD 20708
GS-11P-16-YM-C-7061 A&E Design Build Repair Plan

Repair service to address water leak issues with building Façade. Provide repair design Drawings; Remove and replace all gaskets and seal at all joints around entire building, remove and replace brick rows along entire length of existing windows and replace the inner waterproofing. Remove and Replace window sills to reduce standing water on windows at all three levels. Replace caulking around all Facade Repairs/Replacements sealant for new brickwork. Provide backer rod and JB at buildings windows, re-glaze and seal the atrium skylight and Canopy system

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