WRAIR Campus Boiler Project

Modify and upgrade Central Steam Plant (CSP), and heating distribution systems at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR);

Site work; MS202, MS201;

  • Construction Fence (MS506/4) aprox 2700lf
  • Fence Gates; 10’-0” total four double gates
  • Tree protection; aprox 7-10 trees
  • Pavement patch; aprox 12,500sf
  • Concrete sidewalk patch; 2,300sf, (MS504/2)
  • Sediment barriers (MS506/3)
  • Place Erosion Control per dwg/detail
  • New Steam Vault (MS400/2) (MS401/1) (MS504/3); total 6 (exclude pumps, electrical, mechanical work)
  • Anchor Blocks at new and existing manholes; total 7
  • Anchor Blocks at bldgs; total five areas
  • Demolish existing steam vault entirely and backfill; total 4
  • Relocate portion of security fence; 1 area (reuse existing fence)
  • Patch penetrations thru bldg and manhole walls that are not reused aprox 11 areas
  • Locating and repairing damaged underground utilities by others
  • Dig trench, aprox 3,300lf, Back fill with compacted sand; 4,688 CY Backfill with soil; 600CY


  • Demolish roll-up door, main door and wall to facilitate installation, re-routing mechanical and electrical systems outside demo area
    (MD100 key-note 10); 1,1,1,
  • Roof/ Floor penetration repairs in areas where demolition is required (MD201, MD 200/ 2); 1,1
  • Bldg 511; Demo housekeeping pads as required (MD202)

New Work:

  • Patch boiler flue penetrations in roof and mezzanine (M200/2)
  • New Steam entry pit (M200/3)
  • New housekeeping pad (M500/1)
  • Structural (S100) (S200)
  • Economizer support framing
  • Remove and replace section of masonry wall
  • Install new roll up door (10×20),
  • Install new double door

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