Power stations need firm foundations and level pads, Greenbridge Construction specializes in concrete structures, reinforced with rebar with all safety and code requirements ready to their power applications. As your specialist concrete construction service in the Maryland, DC Metro, Virginia and Pennsylvania we have the tools and knowledge to get this all important construction done right and on time.

AAFB USACE – Upgrade To The Main Substation Building 1870 & Switching Station Building 3297
Joint Base Andrews, Maryland

Concrete & reinforcing rebar associated activities for the Upgrades to the Main Substation Building 1870 and Switching Station Building 3297 at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. New equipment pads and piers, New Concrete driveway apron at the backside of bldg. 1870, New Concrete apron at end of driveway Apron at the backside of bldg. 1870. Equipment pad in bldg. 1870. Construct Firewall footer and fire wall, New equipment pads and piers, Transformer Pad, Side walk and transformer pads at bldg. 3297, Equipment pad in bldg. 3297, 7 light pier/ base

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