Need your facility utilities upgraded? Internal infrastructure, from trench repair, gratings and pipe laying. Greenbridge Construction works closely with your building architects and engineers to renew, and repair your utilities with minimum disruption to day to day activities. We have extensive experience working in tight urban environments in Maryland, DC Metro, Virginia and Pennsylvania areas.

GSA NCR GSA OPM – Washington DC
Fire Main upgrade @ OPM

Design build repair project of existing fire water system for the Office of personnel. Current system failed fire test (did not meet 150% flow) Once design was completed and approved, Remove existing 19th street side fire main lines and install new, remove and replace 20th street fire main line and domestic line. Mechanical rework of valves in vaults. This work consisted of concrete demo and replacement, Asphalt removal and replacement (street work), interior demo and replacement of office spaces affected, landscaping, sidewalks. Test lines and achieved 150 plus flow rate for 20th and 19th street mains.

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Boiler Structural Concrete Platform Repair

Remove and replace entire concrete deck around boilers 1-6 including the installation of concrete, formwork, reinforcing bars, Lead and asbestos abatement, and restoration of catwalk structure and grating, repair steel structural columns and support beams. Remove and reinstall, or protect in place, utilities mounted to the underside of the slab, and associated painting, Including, but not limited to: light fixtures, conduit, cameras, sprinkler pipes, pipes remove and replace all deteriorated and chloride. Contaminated concrete slab/deck in the areas noted on the plans. Perform vertical concrete wall patch repairs. Install new flooring for Finish surface.

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GSA HODT Washington DC Grating and Trench Cover Replacement,
and Replace Blow down Pipe throughout Basement In Trench

The contract involved replacing the Trench Cover Plates as well as portions of the Grating covering the Sub-Basement. Portions of the old covers are warped and the grating is unstable and presents a safety risk for those that walk over them.

Replace Trench Grating throughout the basement with specified materials according to design 1300 s.f. of steel checkered plate Various thicknesses and reinforcement, 250 s.f. of steel bar grating, repaired 1700 l.f. of Trench Lining, Repair concrete portions of floor specified. In addition to General Concrete repairs for specified portions of the basement.

Remove and replace over 380 linear feet of Schedule 80, 4” an 6”blowdown piping located inside the trench.

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