At Greenbridge Construction (GBC), our mission is to provide a unique blend of top-quality project management, quality control, design coordination, and product delivery for a wide variety of construction clients in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC Metro Area.

For more than fifteen- years, we have offered a wide range of construction services, primarily in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC Metro Areas. Since its incorporation in 1998, GBC Inc has successfully completed numerous projects. Our experience includes a diverse group of commercial, structural, industrial, institutional, rehabilitative, and upscale residential construction projects.


Greenbridge Construction, Inc. has selected projects that are the most representative of our extensive experience.

Current & Past Performance

With our significant experience, we clearly understand that “TEAMWORK” is important to the success of a project. Greenbridge builds a collaborative relationship on all of our projects. We prioritize the critical responsibilities of each Team member and develop a clear outline and understanding of these activities. Greenbridge provides the following benefits:

  • Ability to provide leadership in partnering
  • Fast track construction- on-time completion
  • Superior Management and Quality Control Programs

We have worked in many capacities ranging from General Contractor, Prime Contractor, and even Subcontractor. This wide variety of delivery system participation allows us to view the construction and renovation process from a multitude of perspectives, and manage the process effectively, efficiently, and fairly.

Experience Working For You

Greenbridge Construction strives to set us apart from our competition. We have proposed a team of experienced professionals that have the significant building construction and renovation experience as well as work on many major civil construction projects. We have selected individuals who have successfully worked together on other projects and will be fully committed to any construction project. We have selected staff that is currently working on projects throughout the DMV, focusing our commitment for the Heavy construction contracts.

The Greenbridge team provides the following benefits:

  • The proposed staff is experienced in civil engineering projects (asphalt pavement, earthwork, drainage/ sediment control, bridge restoration, marine construction, concrete construction, along with various other special trades).
  • Our staff has current experience working together on Government projects.
  • Greenbridge is committed to providing the continuity of staff on all projects.
  • Full-time Senior Project Manager

You will find several outstanding qualities that run through our organization: qualified, experienced, empowered, professional, motivated, proactive, detailed-oriented, fair, respectful, and honest. We are people you can work with that want your project to be successful based on your priorities. The combination of personal commitment and corporate operational strategy creates a business environment for success: commitment to customer satisfaction-on-time delivery – quality materials and installation –a safe work-site-and a high standard of professional service.

Scalable To Meet Your Needs

Our present and past corporate experience include many instances of our participation in the renovation and construction of complex projects that have included the same characteristics and standards as those that may become a part of Corp’s program. We have and are currently working on many projects throughout the Maryland/DC Metro and other bases. These characteristics might include:

  • Majority of completed contracts from Military and Government facilities
  • Contract value ranging from under $10,000.00 to over $2,200,000.00
  • Working in public Spaces
  • Completed on time or ahead of schedule
  • Over 140 years combined experience in Commercial Construction experience
  • Also – Repair & Alteration of Many Facilities
  • Dredging and Marine Construction capabilities
  • Demolition of Facilities
  • Major Site work- Earthwork, Storm Drain Pipe & Structures, Bridge New/Repair
  • Structural Repair & Upgrade – Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, Treatment Facilities
  • Complex Electrical Systems – Installed and Serviced
  • Mechanical System Installation, Repair and Alteration
  • Curtain wall, and storefront assemblies
  • Concrete construction
  • Architectural landscaping

We believe our broad range of past experience coupled with our current experience makes Greenbridge an excellent candidate to participate in Heavy Civil Construction Projects. We will gladly compete for and successfully perform the projects while working and partnering with owners in order to maximize their satisfaction.